We’ve Done Lost Our Mind

Our daughter has been potty trained for almost 3 years now, and we just finished with our son. He still wears pull-ups to bed, and there’s the occasional accident, but it actually went fairly smoothly. If you would like some more information on how all this went, feel free to read my past post cleverly titled “Too Much Poop.” We have no plans for more kids. In fact, I’ve recently had an incredibly uncomfortable weekend with a bag of frozen peas to help ensure that we are done.

With all that, we should be rejoicing. Our potty training days are over. I no longer have to carry little buckets of pee from their potties to the toilet. The days of spending the gross national income of Djibouti on diapers are over. We are in the clear. Right???

Nope. CinC HOUSE has decided that she misses the days of watching out kids sit on the toilet for hours straight, waiting for the tell-tale tinkle of success. She wants to relive all the awesomeness of cleaning up poop smeared against the side of the toilet bowl. We’re all out of kids, so where can a reminiscent mother turn? We are going to potty train……the cat. That’s right, the cat.

Our very own CitiKitty potty arrived in the mail today. Phase 1 which involves moving the litter box into the bathroom is already complete. Phase 2 involves putting a tray full of kitty litter in the toilet. Phases 3-114 involve removing portions of the tray until the cat is doing it’s business directly in the toilet.

To be honest, the only real downside is the bathroom distribution. Once the cat is trained, it should be able to use either toilet. In the meantime, however, the center of operations is going to be our bathroom. Since I don’t envision myself removing this contraption every time I have to visit the facilities, I think there are going to be 5 people using one bathroom while the cat gets the other all to herself.

Of course, if there’s a choice between training the cat and having another kid, I’ll teach that kitten advanced calculus.

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