My Family’s Angry Bird Equivalents

I love Angry Birds. It’s just a fun and highly addictive game that is great for passing the hours. I have a co-worker who can’t rest until she has achieved 3 stars on every level and found every golden egg. While I’m not quite that obsessed, the game is the reason that I originally brought my extra phone charger to work.

When you play the game long enough, you start to realize that each bird has its own personality (it is entirely possible that this is only in my head). You can look at each bird and really feel how they look at the word. The blue bird that splits apart always seems to be the angriest, which I attribute to a small man syndrome and inferiority complex. Meanwhile, the white bird that drops the exploding eggs always seems to be slightly befuddled. He might be drunk, but for some reason, he always looks confused. Their personalities are so diverse that I thought it would be fun to compare them to my family and find commonalities.

We’ll start with myself. Personally, I think I’m probably best represented by the red bird. He doesn’t have any special powers or abilities. He just goes about his job efficiently and in a solid manner. He doesn’t necessarily strike fear into the pigs, but if you give him enough time, he’ll take care of business. Another similarity is that it sometimes feels like I’m beating my head against a concrete wall over and over without actually achieving any results.

CinC HOUSE is definitely the yellow bird. She just sort of cruises around nice and relaxed until she finds something to focus on. Once she finds that focus, she’s off like a bat out of hell, and it’s best to just get out of the way. Hiding behind wooden walls isn’t the best idea either, since she can tear through them like butter.

Little Dude is easy. In fact, it’s such an obvious comparison that it’s what gave me the idea to write this post in the first place. He’s the black bird that explodes when you touch him. When you make Little Dude angry, he turns red and then destroys everything within a 25 foot radius. It’s almost uncanny how much they’re alike.

Princess is much harder. Originally, I thought that maybe the green boomerang bird would be the best comparison because it spins in the air which implies dancing of some sort. That doesn’t really fit though. The more I think about it, the more I realize that there just isn’t an equivalent for her. The best angry bird to represent her would probably be a purple one that flies over and sprinkles pixie dust on the pigs. Once the pigs are hit with the dust, they realize the error of their ways and return the eggs to the birds which causes everyone to have a huge celebration with balloons, unicorns, and strawberry flavored tea. I don’t think that particular bird will be in the next update, but we can hope.

How about your family? What angry birds do they compare to?

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