International Motorcycle Show Free to the Military

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a motorcycle guy. The more wheels that I have under me when I’m driving, the safer I feel. With that being said, anytime that an organization is willing to take care of the ladies and gentlemen in the military, it’s worth spreading the word.

This weekend, the Progressive International Motorcycle Show is happening in New York City. This is apparently the largest custom motorcycle show in the world. It showcases the latest in motorcycle technology and if you serve this country, you walk through the door without paying a dime. They have a stunt show, dream pavilion, and a bunch of other things that I don’t even understand. I’m not much for the two-wheelers, but if I were in New York this weekend, I might have to stop by. It’s pretty hard for me to turn down free admission to anything.

The free admission offer isn’t just for the military. It also applies to firefighters and police. You don’t need to show up in uniform as long as you have a valid ID with you.

Therefore, if you like bikes, wear a uniform to work, and happen to be in the New York area this weekend, feel free to stop by the International Motorcycle Show. For more information, check out their website:

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