What Sport I Would Like My Son to Play

Our son is only 2 years old, but he’s already starting to show some aptitude for sports. When he throws a ball, it moves with a lot of pace and usually hits the target. The other day, he took his foam sword from Medieval Times and asked me to throw a ball to him. He swung the sword like a bat and actually hit the ball on the first try. Thinking that this was just a fluke and a result of my amazing aiming ability with the throw, I threw it a few more times. He actually hit the ball about 50% of the time, and it wasn’t like he just happened to be swinging when the ball passed. He actually watched the ball and tried to time his swing to hit it. Did I mention that he’s only 2 years old? This got me thinking about what sports I would like for him to play.

I wasn’t an amazing athlete growing up. I played 4 sports in high school which sounds really impressive until you realize how small my school was. My graduating class had 16 kids in it. I’m not talking about just my homeroom or one of my math classes. The entire senior class had 16 kids (12 boys and 4 girls).There were less kids in my class than there are in the Duggar family. Pretty much everybody had to play sports or they couldn’t exist. I was also in band, choir, and all the plays/musicals. Everyone participated in everything.

In football, I started at tight end and defensive end, but pretty much everyone got playing time. I played point guard in basketball, and while I became much better after I graduated, I never started in high school. I was a sprinter and high jumper in track, but I wasn’t a record setter at either. I was actually fairly decent at basketball, but it wasn’t a school team, and once I reached a certain age, there were no more leagues to play in. I was an athlete in the sense that I played sports, but no one would have confused me for an iron man. In addition to these sports, I’m also a huge fan of soccer, but I’ve never played the game at any level.

Little Dude, however, has shown some promise. Part of his advantage is that he has always been incredibly small for his age. I think his lower center of gravity and shorter limbs have allowed him to develop coordination a little faster. He was fully walking when he was 9 months old, and he picks up anything physical incredibly quickly. As I look forward, there are sports that I would like for him to play and others that I would like him to stay away from.

Basketball was my favorite sport to play. I’m not sure if that’s going to be our son’s strength though. While I’m sure there will be many growth spurts along the way, his current size and the fact that both of his parents are well under 6 feet tall don’t bode well for him.

Football is my favorite sport to watch. Unfortunately, I really don’t want Little Dude playing that. I’m not going to lie, the whole concussion thing scares the crap out of me. When I think back to high school, there were 2 times when I definitely received a concussion and 3 or 4 (I can’t remember for some reason) other times when I probably did. Of course, since we didn’t actually care about that back then, I usually just switched my helmet for one without a dent and ran back on the field. Hopefully, I could make the other team think that my drool was just intense slobber. There’s no way I want my son out there.

He probably has the most realistic chance at baseball. Size doesn’t matter toohorribly much there, and he’s left-handed which is always advantageous. Unfortunately, let’s face it, baseball is incredibly boring. While I promise to make every effort to sit through his entire baseball game, I make no promises to do it sober. If Little Dude wants to play the nation’s past-time, he’d better be prepared to explain to his friends why his dad urinates in the dugout and passes out in the bleachers around the 5th inning.

That pretty much leaves…soccer. Size can be an advantage, but it’s not a disqualifier. It’s fun to watch, and (unless you play for the French or Italian national teams) it appears to be relatively injury free. Even when you do get hurt, they have a magic sponge and spray that miraculously heals you just in time to gulp some water, smile at the ref, and return to the game. As an added bonus, it keeps you in incredible shape. I can’t run for 45 minutes straight, take a 15 minute break, and then run for 45 minutes again. I’m pretty sure that Landon Donovan runs farther during a single match than David Ortiz has in his entire life. What’s not to like?

Therefore, the sport I would most like my son to play is definitely soccer. Of course, this means that he’s going to play baseball just to spite me, but it’s nice to have dreams.

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