My Happy Place

I have a secret to share that will probably shock you, maybe even amaze you. Are you ready? Come a little closer…really lean into your computer because this is a little embarrassing…brace yourself…take a deep breath…here it goes…I’m a huge dork. Now, please calm yourselves. Stop gnashing your teeth and pulling out your hair. Put down the baby. I’m sorry that you had to learn about it like this.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “This can’t be true MD. You come across as so cool and awesome, dare I say even heroic.” I know, I know. I could only keep it secret for so long, so it’s probably better that you hear it from me. I can see that some of you are still in disbelief, so let me give you some examples.

On the rare occasions when my family actually allows me to read, it’s almost always fantasy, science fiction, or zombie related. When I was growing up, I could sometimes be found in my friend’s basement with a hand-drawn map between us and a 12-sided die in my hand. One of CinC HOUSE’s most common compliments towards me is, “You’re a dork.” That’s right, I take it as a compliment. When I got to college, and I learned that the Navy would give me a commission no matter what degree I got, I decided to take a look through the curriculum guides. I just so happened that they offered a degree in Medieval European History. Hell yes, that’s for me. Knights, crusades, vikings, and plagues? That’s my kind of degree.

Have I managed to convince you yet? I confided in you because this weekend, my family and I will be going to my happy place, and I want you to understand why I love it so much. This Saturday, we will be going to the happiest place on earth, and I’m not talking about Disney Land (although they are in the same geographical area). We are going to jump in the Prius and head up to Medieval Times, and it will be awesome.

We went last June because it’s such a busy month for us. My daughter, wife, mother, and father-in-law all have birthdays within 30 days of each other. Throw in Father’s Day, and pretty much everyone is covered. We decided that it would be better to just kind of take everyone out at one shot than try to celebrate everything separately. We’re doing the same thing this month and having a large Christmas present for all.

The first time we went, I was expecting to have a decent time. Who doesn’t love a little jousting every once in awhile? What I didn’t expect was to have the best time ever. I was expecting a little jousting, maybe a sword fight or two, and yelling the word “wench” a lot. What I got far exceeded those expectations. The show was brilliant. It’s incredibly well choreographed, and it’s a whole production of awesomeness. They take breaks from the story at different points to show off a couple other things. They bring out some Andalusian horses, and make them do all the cool tricks. They bring out a falconer and display his talents. I had a peregrine falcon flying over my head at one point. It was awesome.

Best of all, the kids loved it. Our daughter was named the Queen of Love and Beauty and our son was absolutely enthralled for the 2 hours that the show lasted. It was incredible. Yesterday, I found out that CinC HOUSE had gotten us tickets for this Saturday, and I’ve had a big, stupid grin on my face ever since. I can’t wait.

If you ever get a chance, you should take the family. It is a lot of fun, and you will come away amazed. This is especially true if you have dorkish tendencies like I do. On that subject, would you mind not spreading my little secret? I have a reputation to uphold after all.

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