Need Some Advice for a Charity Project

My beautiful wife (the newly dubbed CinC HOUSE) is currently putting a ton of effort into a very worthwhile charity project. She is building stuffed bears from scratch using some old fabric that my mother had on hand. She is also going to sew a pink ribbon one them. She is going to sell them and then donate all of the money to breast cancer research. This is an incredibly generous act, and she is only keeping enough money to cover the cost of materials.

With that being said, she would like some help in locating cheap stuffing material. It looks like she is going to have enough fabric for 15-20 bears, and each bear will need about 17 oz of fabric. The cheapest stuffing she has been able to find so far is $4.99 for 16 oz. In order to make them affordable, she is only planning on charging $15-$20 for each bear. Therefore, she would only be able to send $10-$15 per bear to charity. She would like to be able to contribute much more than this, but she is reluctant to raise the price. Therefore, if anyone out there is able to locate stuffing material, she and I would both greatly appreciate it if you could leave the link in the comments below. Thank you very much.

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