My Wife’s New Blog Nickname

I don’t blog under the handle “Military Dad” because of some deep-seeded need to feel anonymous on the web. I do it mostly because the name is very descriptive of what I want this site to be about. I like to write about fatherhood from the standpoint of a servicemember, and I like to write about the military from the standpoint of a father. “Military Dad” captures that intent in two words and is much more effective than my real name ever could be. Since the majority of visitors to this site come here because I put links to it on my personal facebook account, I’m pretty sure I’m not blowing anybody’s mind when I say that I normally go by Max.

With that being said, I like the blogging pseudonym thing. It’s fun, and it’s descriptive. It’s also a little quirky, and I enjoy it. It’s the reason that I call my mother “Military Gramma.” She lives with us and helps take care of the kids, so she’s the perfect gramma. In addition, both of her sons have grown up to have fairly successful careers in the Navy, so military fits as well. It’s just a good descriptive device.

My wife on the other hand has been harder to pin down with a nickname. “Military Mom” doesn’t really work because it sounds like she is the one in the military. “Military Wife” or “Navy Wife" doesn’t really work because it’s a term that she hasn’t been comfortable with for a number of years. I was about ready to give up and just keep referring to her as "my wife” which is a huge disservice to her and the multiple roles that she plays in this family. Then the perfect name came to me, and I felt rather stupid because we’ve actually referred to her as this for a few years now.

A while back, very high ranking people in the military chain of command had the title of CinC… (Commander in Chief). For example, the Commander in Chief of Pacific Forces was called CinC PAC. With the exception of the actual President of the United States, Commander in Chief has been removed from all military titles and replaced simply by Commander. The above mentioned person would now be referred to as COM PAC.

While I certainly have no issues with COM, CinC always had more pop to it. A few years ago, my wife was making some comments about how no matter how many times I get promoted, she will always outrank me (which is entirely true). Therefore, I started referring to her as CinC HOUSE meaning she is the Commander in Chief of our house. If I remember correctly, she didn’t like it at first. I think that should mistook “CinC” for “sink” and thought that I was implying that she needed to be doing the dishes or something like that. However, once I explained what it meant, she was all about it.

Therefore, without further ado, I present my wife’s nickname for the purposes of this blog: CinC HOUSE. Please take a moment to welcome the love of my life and my best friend into the blogging nickname world.

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