The Military Dad Week in Review for December 4th

This has been another awesome week. We’ve had some great family time, and the kids have been terrific. Earlier this week, we put up the Christmas tree and all of our decorative houses, and they look great. I also put up lights on the outside of the house which don’t look as good. I’m sure I’ll discuss that in another post sometime this week. Suffice it to say that my artistic skills leave something to be desired.

Yesterday was the highlight of the week. Since my mother was out of town last week, we decided to wait to celebrate Thanksgiving. My younger brother (also in the Navy) and his wife were able to join us, and we had a great time. We smoked a turkey and had 3 different types of pie. This was the first time that the whole family has been together for a holiday in more than 13 years. We sat around, ate a ton of food, played pinochle (it’s a midwest thing), and went through old pictures. At one point, we were all laughing so hard that my face started to hurt. Good times were had by all.

All of my posts from the last week are below. I had a great time writing all of them. If you only have time to read one, I would recommend “The Peace has Ended.” It was a lot of fun writing, and I think it turned out pretty well. Thank you for visiting, and I sincerely hope you have a great week.

The Peace Has Ended – This is the story about how I made an agreement with spiders to leave in peace and harmony. That agreement may have ended recently, and I’m waiting for the wrath to fall.

Earliest Memories – I came to the realization that my daughter is now old enough that she will be able to remember what is happening now. It really made question what those memories would be.

The Worst Part About Deployments with a Family – This is my account about the most painful parts of leaving my family for deployments.

Too Much Poop – We recently potty-trained our son, and it went incredibly well. Read here why I think this was mostly due to an incident that happened in Virginia 4 years ago.

It Wouldn’t Have Been as Good of a Story… – This is a story about a device that my wife and I use to ensure that we don’t sweat the small things.

Today is Our Thanksgiving – This post just explained why we waited to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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