The Military Dad Week in Review for November 27th

We’ve had another interesting week in the Military Dad household. We’ve had a cold going around the house which has managed to land on each person. So far, it looks like the kids have had it the worst, but my wife hasn’t felt very well all week, and it feels like it’s sneaking up on me this morning. I remember back when I never got sick. Coincidentally, that was before we had kids…maybe that’s not a coincidence after all.

My daughter had the whole week off from school for Thanksgiving (I never remember getting more than Thursday and Friday), so life has been a bit more hectic than normal. I also came home early from work most days to help out though.

We didn’t have a huge Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday. This is because Military Gramma is out of town on family business, and we wanted to wait for her to get back before we do a big shindig. We did smoke a turkey (awesome), and watch some football, but it was a pretty subdued day. Friday, we stayed home all day. Ever since I spent 4 years working in retail, Black Friday is probably my least favorite day of the year, so I normally just stay home and pretend it doesn’t exist.

After staying home all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the entire family (myself included) started to get pretty stir-crazy. We decided to take a trip to the San Diego Water Conservation Gardens to get out of the house and maybe take some pictures of the kids for Christmas cards. We had never been there, but it was very well done. It’s not huge, but it was a lot of fun, the kids enjoyed it, and we got some great pictures. Today (Sunday after Thanksgiving) is normally the day that we put up the tree and lights, but we decided to wait for Military Gramma before we do that as well.

My favorite post of the week had to be Mad Dadz Mad Chili story. I read this post at work, and I was trying so hard to not laugh out loud that I literally had tears rolling down my face. It may be a story that some of you have read before, but even then, it’s probably funny a second time. If you’ve never read it before, be prepared to laugh.

My posts from the past week are below. As always, I really enjoyed writing all of them. If you only have time to read a few, Greatest Loss Ever is pretty good and an awesome moment in fatherhood. The story about how I started blogging is also fairly interesting and unique. Thank you for reading and have a terrific week.

A New Low in Blogging – What’s a guy to do when he has to use the facilities, and he doesn’t have a book to read? Read this post to find out.

I’m a Morning Person – This is the story about how the Navy has turned me into something that I hated when I was younger, and how I’ve used it to carve out more time with my family.

The Danger of Silence – This post describes a way in which the Navy actually prepared me for fatherhood in one way.

Happy Thanksgiving – This was just a Thanksgiving message from my family to yours.

Greatest Loss Ever – When is it ok for your favorite football team to lose? Right around the time that you realize your son likes to sit down and watch football with you.

How I Became a Blogger – This is the story of my reluctant and somewhat humorous start with blogging and why I’ve stuck with it.

An excerpt from the Greatest Dinner Ever post that I wrote last week was also featured in this week’s Fatherload. If you get a chance, check it out and read some of the best posts from other daddy bloggers.

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