How I Became a Blogger

The story about how I started blogging is probably fairly unique. It’s not something I really wanted to do. I’m not a very technologically savvy person. I will be honest and say that a year ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was.

I’m on shore duty right now which basically means that I’m getting some downtime with the family before I head back to a ship (I’d be more than happy to expand the explanation if anyone needs more information). As a result, I work in an office where the Navy is taking advantage of my master’s degree. One day, a co-worker had an idea. Here’s the conversation as best as I can remember.

Co-worker: “Hey, we would like to set up a blog.”

Me: “What’s a blog?”

Co-worker: “It’s sort of an online thing where we can…we would just really like one.”

Me: “Ok. That sounds fine to me.”

Co-worker: “We would like you to do it.”

Me: “Ummmm….I think I just made it clear that I don’t even know what a blog is.”

Co-worker: “We still think you’re the one that should do it.”

Me: “Why me?”

Co-worker: “Because you’re the youngest, so you would be the best with new technologies.”

And, there you have it. I was nominated based solely on the fact that I was the youngest person in the office, and therefore, the best fit to run a blog. Thankfully, the knowledge management people that run the blog network there are absolutely amazing, and they helped me every step of the way. I got our blog up and running, and it was pretty successful. I would give you the link, but it’s on a military network, so you wouldn’t be able to access it anyway.

After awhile, I enjoyed it so much that I created a personal blog on the same network. There was a lot of stuff that I wanted to talk about that didn’t necessarily relate to what my office did. It was a huge hit, and I won a “Blog of the Week” award with my 3rd post. I quickly fell in love with blogging, and I kept up a pretty steady stream of content. I absolutely love writing, and it’s something that I wouldn’t mind doing on a more consistent basis in the distant future (although never as more than a hobby). Blogging is a perfect way to keep your writing skills sharp and discuss the things that you love.

When I decided to start up my own blog outside of the military network, I was going back and forth between 2 ideas. I wanted to either do a fatherhood/family style blog or a sports blog. I’m a huge fan of both ideas, and I could probably write for days on either subject. After much contemplation, I asked myself 2 questions. The first was, “Would I be willing to watch less sports in order to write about my family?” The answer was yes. The second questions was, “Would I be willing to spend less time with my family to write about sports?” The answer there was a very resounding “no!” As a result Military Dad was born.

This blog is only about a month old, and it is still very much in its infancy. The content is still evolving and changing. My goal is to talk about fatherhood from a military point of view. While there are some very unique challenges to being a military family, it’s really not that different from any other household. As a result, a good percentage of my posts don’t even discuss the Navy. There have been a couple, however, such as this submission that discuss some of the challenges. There will be more in the future as well because I plan on discussing what the most painful parts of deployments are and things along those lines. I do try to keep the content on this site light and at least somewhat humorous, but there are some things that require a serious viewpoint.

While my introduction to blogging was probably pretty unique, the reason that I keep at it is fairly common: I enjoy it. I love writing. I love talking about my amazing family, and I love talking about my time in the Navy. I really enjoy being a part of the “Daddy Blogger” community as well. I think the part I like the most is connecting with the readers. I love getting questions and comments, and I make sure that I answer or address each one. In the near future, I will add a “contact” tab to the blog that will have an e-mail address where you can send me questions that you don’t necessarily want to see on the site. I will make an effort to answer every one of those as well. For now, thank you for reading. It is truly appreciated, and I hope you come back to see some of the terrific things that my family inspires. Thank you.

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