Greatest Loss Ever

I’ve blogged before about how I don’t watch sports as much now that I have kids. Basically, I’m not necessarily the greatest role model while watching sports, especially if my teams are playing. If you want more details, you can check out the full post here.

I decided to make an exception yesterday for a few reasons. First, I’ve mellowed quite a bit over the years, so I felt that it was pretty safe. Second, it was Thanksgiving, and that’s a holiday just made for football. Last, my beloved Dolphins were playing at Dallas and their games are very rarely televised on the west coast, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch them live. If you watched the game or follow football, you probably know how it ended. The Dolphins lost in pretty heart-breaking fashion on a last second field goal. If I remember correctly, this is the 4th time this season that they’ve lost after leading in the final 2 minutes. It’s been a pretty rough season for the most part. Yesterday’s loss was awesome, however, thanks to my 2 year old son.

The rest of the family napped through most of the first 3 quarters, but they woke up to watch the 4th with me. My son climbed onto my lap and actually started paying attention to the game. At one point, the logos for the Dolphins and Cowboys were flashed on the screen, and he perked up a little bit. He recognized the Dolphins logo from a t-shirt that my wife had made for him (she also made him and his sister Broncos shirts since that’s her team). He looked up at me and said, “Me want my Dolphins shirt.” I thought that was absolutely awesome, so I went to find it, and he put it on. He climbed back on my lap, and we continued watching the game.

At one point, Davone Bess (my favorite current player) made an amazing one-handed, diving catch. My son goes “whoa” and then started mimicking what he saw on the TV. He kept diving to the side just like Bess did for the Dolphins. On another play, Reggie Bush looked like he was going to be tackled in the backfield, but he made an incredible juke move (it seriously would have blown my ACL) that let him gain 12 yards. When they showed the replay, my son turned to me and said, “Daddy, he did this.” He started kicking his legs in different directions in a fairly accurate depiction of what Reggie did. I thought it was awesome, and it seriously made my day. He spent the rest of the game sitting on my lap and genuinely enjoying it. He may have cheered at one point when the Cowboys got a huge first down, but that can be forgiven since it was his first real game.

Sure, the Dolphins lost in the end, but it was probably the most enjoyable loss that I’ve ever experienced. I personally think that my son is destined to become a Broncos fan because of my wife and his love of horses, but for one day, he was a hard-core Phinatic. Maybe, Sundays can be for football again (on a very limited basis).

Next up: Jayhawks basketball!

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