Happy Thanksgiving

One of the great things about being in the military (and there are a lot of great things) is that you always know what you’re thankful for. When you spend as much time away from home as we do, the answer is simple. We are thankful for our family, and if we are fortunate enough to be home (like I am), we are thankful to be with them.

I am certainly no exception to this rule. I am incredibly grateful for the fact that I am currently on shore duty, and I have had a nice long string of holidays with the family. However, that certainly hasn’t always been the case, and it won’t continue forever. I have missed enough in the past to know how incredibly blessed I am with my family and how much I miss them when I’m gone. I could go to great lengths in this blog post about how my wife is my hero and best friend all at the same time. I could go into immense detail about how much I love my kids and how incredibly amazing they are. I could do those things, but I’m not going to. To be honest, that’s a conversation that I would rather save for the dinner table. (Plus, I already made my wife cry with this post.)

Here’s one thing that would make me even more grateful. Take the time during dinner to realize how thankful you are for your family. If you’re not big on expressing those emotions, that’s ok. Just make sure that the thoughts are present. After dinner, when you’re sitting down to watch the Dolphins put a hurting on the Cowboys (I just jinxed it), take 2 seconds and spare a thought for the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen that aren’t as forunate as I am to be home with their family. They would be eternally greatful and so would I.

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