Angel Demon

My son has a special ability. Some people would even call it a super power. I think most kids have a dual personality of sorts. They can be incredibly cute when they want to be and a little devilish when they’re not getting what they want. My son’s power is his ability to switch back and forth in record time. He is able to play both rolls in the same sentence. It really is amazing, and it’s hard to express in words.

Do you remember the end of The Incredibles when Jack Jack is getting carried away, and he turns into a little gargoyle thing and then solid metal and then back into a cute, smiley baby? Let’s start with that sequence. Now, sprinkle a little crystal meth over it. Add some straight up caffeine combined with steroids. Top it off with a touch of “terrible twos,” and you are getting close to the things my son is capable of.

To make it more impressive, he’s able to go both ways. I can handle it when he goes from angel to demon. That’s not too bad. It’s when he goes the other way that I get flummoxed. It’s almost impossible to punish him for throwing his fork when he’s cuddling with the kitten before you look up. How do you yell at someone for kicking his sister when he’s brushing your hair before the words can leave your mouth? I have a feeling that he actually lays in bed at night and plans these sequences.

Are there any other parents out there that have kids with super powers that frustrate you?

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