The Military Dad Week in Review for November 13th

This has been a very good week for the Military Dad clan. I was fairly sick early in the week, but with the exception of a lingering cough, I’m feeling much better. During the week, we were all involved in my daughter’s school. I volunteered for a few hours on Monday morning. My wife (Military Mrs??? still working on that one) spent time there on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, and Military Gramma helped out on Wednesday.

I’m amazed at how much my little dude’s vocabulary has been improving over the past few weeks as well. He’s never been what you would call “quiet,” but with his big sister always there to talk for him, he never had much to say. Now that she’s in school full time, he is realizing that he can get a word in, and he’s taking advantage of it. Of course, one day he’ll get married and lose that power again, but there’s no reason to crush his hopes now.

We had a great weekend. On Friday (Veteran’s Day), we met up with my younger brother (also in the Navy) and his wife. We visited the Museum of Man in Balboa Park, and then we proceeded to a nice little area of San Diego where a good friend of mine has the tasting room for his winery. After sampling his wares, we just walked around the neighborhood and found some great stores, including a used book store that I’m in love with. At one point, I had the entire neighborhood rolling on the ground with laughter. Mostly as something to do with the kids, we were jumping over colored sections of the sidewalk. With each jump the process got more intricate. Finally, it turned into ready, crouch, shake your butt, jump. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but it was apparently hilarious to see a 30-something y/o man doing this with a 5 y/o girl and 2 y/o boy. People walking by on the street had to stop because they were laughing so hard. My brother took some video of it, and I’ll make sure to post it at some point, so you can see me having fun with the kids.

The rest of the weekend flew by. My daughter had a sleep-over on Friday night, and I had my first guy’s night out in a very long time (there’ll be a post on that in the future). Last night, my little dude was having a hard time getting back to sleep around 1:00, so I laid down with him. I was only going to stay there long enough for him to fall back to sleep, but when I woke up 4 hours later, I was perfectly happy. I think Sunday is just going to be a quiet, family day with maybe a little football and a pizza for dinner.

As far as the blog goes, I’m very pleased with it. I’m slowly but surely becoming a member of the dad blog community through this site, twitter, and facebook. I don’t have a huge following yet, but it is growing. Since my main goal with this blog is just to have fun and connect with other dads, I’m very happy with its progress. I recently changed the layout to something that I like much better. There are still changes to make, but they are mostly color and font type things. I’m not too concerned with the look because a blog mentor of mine once told me that as long as the content is good, people will come back. I’m also building up quite an impressive list of post topics. My goal is to make at least one post a day, so if I can come up with more than 1 idea a day, I’m doing pretty well. Some of the things that I’m working on for the next week include talking about how I’m a morning person (I’m writing this post at 0530 on a Sunday), my little princess’ favorite song, and how I may have reached a new low in blogging (hint: it involves a toilet). I’m also planning on writing a guest post for the Dad Revolution blog, and becoming a more active part of the forum at Dad Labs. If you know of any other great ways to get involved with the dad blogger community, please let me know. I read an incredible amount of posts from other dad blogs every day. If you have one, please let me know. I will add it to the rest of my feeds. I think my favorite post of the week comes from the DaddyYo Dude with his holiday safety tips.

Here’s a list of my posts from the last week if you’d like to look at them. I’m incredibly proud of all of them, but if you don’t have time to read them all, I would recommend “I Love Mondays” and “The Awesomeness of Thank You.” They are probably the best. Thank you for reading and have a great week.

I Love Mondays – This is a post about how volunteering at my daughter’s school has changed my view on what is typically the least favorite day of the week.

I’m No Longer Able to Read – Here, I wrote about the incredible ability of my entire family to know the exact second that I start reading and then descend on me lack a pack of hungry hyenas.

Women’s Razors Rock – This reflects my thoughts on one place where men have been receiving the short end of the stick. This was also my wife’s favorite post of the week.

Weekly Book Report Announcement – I decided that I would start reviewing some of my favorite (and less than favorite) children’s books every week on Thursday. It’s difficult to find good books for your kids, and any information is helpful.

Weekly Book Report: Snuggle Puppy – This was the first in the above described series.

The Awesomeness of Thank You – This was my Veteran’s Day post that I have been thinking about in my head for the past couple weeks. Originally, I was going to make it very serious and somber. Then, I was going to make it very upbeat and funny. I decided to go somewhere in between, and I’m very happy with it. This was my mom’s favorite post of the week.

A New Kind of Awesomeness – This is a post about how my little dude may have created the perfect food.

My post on loving Mondays was also included in this week’s Fatherload. If you have the time, please check it out. It includes some of the best posts of the weeks from across the daddy blogosphere.

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