A New Kind of Awesomeness

Last week, I wrote a post about how nothing in this world can beat a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My 2 year old son may have proven me wrong this morning.

My son isn’t necessarily a picker eater, but he’s difficult to feed. He will basically eat snacks all day long if you give them to him, but he hates sitting down for meals. He would much rather roam and graze than sit in one place and actually eat.

This morning, I made French toast and bacon for breakfast. It was pretty decent if I say so myself. My son immediately starts eating the bacon, but it’s clear that he’s going to stay away from the French toast, which is fine. As long as calories in are greater than calories out, I’m a happy man.

My mother (Military Gramma) is currently staying with us, and she prefers peanut butter and syrup on her French toast. This was a staple growing up, but I’ve grown out of it somewhat, although I do still put peanut butter on my pancakes. My son sees her put the peanut butter on and immediately wants some of his own, so she puts a big glob on his plate. Instead of putting the peanut butter on his toast, he decides to just dip his bacon in it. He immediately loves it, and he proceeds to eat about 3 pieces of bacon in the manner.

I didn’t try it because I was already full, but I will next time. I think my 2 year old son may have just come up with the greatest food combination in the history of the universe.

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