Women’s Razors Rock

Since I’m in the military, I have to shave every day. It also needs to be a close shave because it’s really part of my uniform. Electric razors are out of the question because my facial hair has the texture of barbed-wire and quickly grinds down any shaver’s will to live. After trying pretty much every disposable razor, I finally settled on the Schick Quattro. It does a better job than the others, but even it’s not perfect. The shave is never comfortable, and after using a blade for about 3 days, I come away looking like I was attacked by a wolverine.

My wife uses the female version of the Quattro. This is convenient because the blades are interchangable. A few days ago, I ran out of my blades, so I was forced to use one of hers. All of a sudden, I couldn’t feel every single hair being tortured. I moved the blade across my face, and the stubble just disappeared. It’s like there were angels dancing across my face. Is the color pink inherently softer? Does that second lubricating strip make all the difference? Whatever the case is, I think I’m going to have my wife buy my razor blades from now on.

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