I’m No Longer Able to Read

I should probably clarify that statement. I am still capable of reading. I’m able to look at combinations of letters and sound them out to form words and eventually whole sentences that come together to tell a story. I’m still able to do all that. What I lack is the opportunity to read.

My love of reading started fairly young. The books that really started my addiction were the Hardy Boys. I must have read every book in the series 5 times. Over the years, my tastes changed slightly, and I became a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction. My favorite author growing up was David Gemmell who I will still read every once in a while to this day. I have a deep love and respect for books. I have cherished books that I’ve read 15 times and others that I didn’t really like but still keep a hold of. My wife shares this passion, and we try to pass it on to our children as well. One of my favorite websites is Good Reads. If you’ve never been there, you should check it out. Feel free to befriend me on their, as well, if you want.

With all that being said, it is incredibly difficult to find time to read anymore. There is some sort of weird, unspoken rule in my house that daddy never gets to read under any circumstances. Everybody could be happily occupied in the house. My wife could be doing something on her computer. My daughter could be happily telling her dolls a story, and my son could be completely engrossed in his train track. As soon as I pick up a book, however, some sort of internal alarm goes off. All of a sudden I have my wife, both kids, and 2 dogs sitting in my lap all wanting my attention. It’s a little creepy how well they are able to time this. I can usually pick the book up safely. Most of the time, I can even open to the right page and remove the bookmark. Before I finish the first sentence, however, somebody will be crawling on me. It’s incredible, and I have no doubt that it is somehow coordinated behind my back.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to books that I am reading to the kids which I am more than happy to do at any time. After all, what better way to pass on the love of reading than to make sure the kids experience that love. I just need to find that switch that goes off whenever I decide to read one of my books and disable it. Are there any other dads out there that have this issue, and have you had any success getting around it?

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