3rd Day of Kindergarten

    Me: "Little Dude, what did you learn in school today?"
    LD: "B!"
    Me: "Cool! You learned about the letter B. Do you know any words that start with B?"
    LD: "Ummmm....butt?"
    Me: "Well....yes. Anything else?"
    LD: "Ummmm....boobies?"
    Me: "Sigh....did you learn any other letters today?"
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appleseed36 said: Hi, My name is Alex, and I am expecting a child in the next few months, and I am strongly considering the military as a career to support my new family. I am in college now and plan on finishing that degree before I join, and I would like to know how you started out with the navy and what lead you to that decision.

I’m still not 100% sure why I originally joined the Navy, but it seems like I’ve always wanted to do it. There were other factors like a lack of options at home and lack of money for college. Over the years, I was fortunate to pick up a scholarship and earn my degree, but that was never the original plan.

One thing about starting out with the degree is that you’ll have the option to come in as an officer. This would mean a good bit more pay, and it should be more than enough for a new family to live off of.

My biggest piece of advice for you is to discuss it with your family and make sure it’s a decision that everyone is in line with. I never would have stayed in as long as I have if I didn’t have my wife’s support the entire time. I will also say that as much as I enjoy my job, saying goodbye to my family every time I get underway is the most difficult thing that I do. It never seems to get easier.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to e-mail me anytime. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. militarydadblog@yahoo.com.

Thank you so much.


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Silence on the Net

So, it’s definitely been quiet on this site lately…like, really quiet. I’ve had a couple stretches over the past few years where I would go a week or so without a post, but this is well beyond that. It’s been two months since I’ve put anything on the site and much longer since I’ve actually written anything original.

There’s a reason for this. My shore duty is officially over, and I’m back on a ship. Hours and responsibilities have drastically increased while writing time has become nearly non-existent.
In the Navy, there’s a phrase we use on the radio when important traffic needs to be passed. If someone is tying up the line with trivial information, we’ll say, “Silence on the Net” and then pass the critical word. This is basically what I’ve had to do with Military Dad. What time I do have away from work is dedicated to the family, practicing the things that I have preached on this site for the past 2+ years. Ignoring my family to write about what an awesome dad I am is a level of hypocrisy that I’m not quite ready to achieve yet.
If you’ve been around the site for awhile, you know how much it means to me and how much I’ve enjoyed writing about my family and life over the past few years. Therefore, I’m not shutting it down, but the posts may be few and far between. For the moment, there’s more important traffic to pass, so it’s mostly going to be silence on the net.
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Jigsaw Puzzles - Military Dad

Since my wife finally gave up on the puzzle that we started on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to share this.

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